© The Stauros Foundation (known as Stauros) is a Scottish Charity, SC014253
Arthur and Beth Williams Northern Ireland Many will not need to be introduced to Arthur and Beth! Arthur was the founder of the Stauros Foundation back in 1980, himself coming from a background of alcohol abuse and addiction. Although Arthur stepped back from the role of General Director in 2010, he and Beth continue to fulfill a vital role within the work. Together they help oversee the daily finances and keep a close eye on paying bills and salaries. They have served the Lord faithfully for over 40 years and have a depth and breadth of experience in this field second to none. Arthur continues a pastoral ministry offering care and support to those needing help with addictions and some other challenges life raises from time to time. Regularly he travels down to the Republic of Ireland where there are a number of individuals he continues to support. He preaches in Stauros meetings, Stauros events and churches as and when opportunities arise. Arthur sits on both the UK Board of Trustees and the Isle of Man Board and continues a pastoral ministry to many on the island. Words cannot really express what Stauros owes to Arthur and Beth Williams. They have both played such a pivotal role in the spiritual and personal development of all the staff, wherever they live, and are owed such a debt of gratitude. Only heaven will tell the full story!
Prayer Pointers
Pray for the continued health and strength for Arthur and Beth. Pray for their family and their grandchildren. Pray for the Lord to continue to anoint their ministry wherever they go and in whatever form that takes.