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Alex Newcomb Republic of Ireland Contact: +353 (0) 8726 25686 The work of Stauros in the Republic of Ireland centres on Alex Newcomb. Alex is originally from London, but is married to Leah who is from Athlone. He was converted from a background of alcohol and drug addiction, having used and abused a wide range of substances before committing his life to Christ. He lives in Waterford with Leah and their two children. Alex’s work focuses on various geographical locations . In Waterford he links with churches as opportunities arise. In Dublin he visits people with addiction issues and has well established contacts in Tallaght, a large borough south of Dublin. He makes regular trips to Cork to visit people there who are in need of pastoral support. Like all Stauros workers, Alex’s work encompasses a wide range of issues that relate to addiction of one kind or another. Often when he is asked to visit one person, other members of the family see the benefit of his visits and come forward to request help for themselves. Another aspect of Alex’s work is networking with Tiglin, a Christian rehab centre near Ashford in County Wicklow. It is a rehab center that uses a Teen Challenge program, and Alex visits regularly to share God’s word and fellowship with the team there.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for Alex and his family as they grow up, leave school and go off to university. Pray for the Stauros work in Tallaght, for the one-to-one meetings Alex has and for net work of families he has contact with there. Pray for Alex’s support base to grow in the Republic of Ireland.