© The Stauros Foundation (known as Stauros) is a Scottish Charity, SC014253
Gordon Buist Isle of Man Contact: 07624 453 731 The work of Stauros on the Isle of Man centres on Gordon Buist. Gordon was converted to Christ from a background in alcohol dependence. He served as a volunteer with Stauros Isle of Man before joining the staff team. He lives in Oncan and attends Living Hope Church, Douglas. Gordon works closely with Griah, which is a Manx word meaning love or charity. Graih is an independent charity but began as a Stauros drop-in, based at The Alpha Centre in Broadway Baptist Church. Griah provides some small rooms for men to receive a hot drink and something to eat and find someone to chat to. Gordon volunteers on a weekly basis to help in this ministry. Part of Gordon’s ministry also involves running a weekly Stauros meeting in the Alpha Centre. Each Thursday evening between 10 and 15 people get together for their Stauros meeting which Gordon leads and where there is worship, prayer and a talk from scripture. Gordon is also involved in prison visitation where he has the opportunity to offer pastoral support to inmates with whom he has had some contact. There is a local committee that oversees the Stauros work on the island: the chairman is Kevin Vondy, the treasurer Keith Allen and the other committee members are Vivien Teare and Mona Radcliffe.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for Gordon and his family, those who live in Scotland and those on the island. Pray for Gordon’s work in connection with Graih and the prison. Pray for the Stauros meeting on a Thursday evening, that those who attend will hear the voice of God and experience His grace.