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George Macgregor Northern Ireland Contact: 07824 485 436 George is married to Valerie and they have two sons and live in Richill, county Armagh. George was originally from Scotland, north of Inverness, and was converted from a background in alcohol addiction. He came to Northern Ireland to spend time with us in Ballyards and later he stayed on as a volunteer. He joined the staff team in May 2002. The main focus of George’s work is pastoral visitation in the community. This requires him to travel all over Northern Ireland especially the counties of Armagh, Tyrone and Londonderry. He has a heart for people with alcohol issues and regularly shares his own experience of deliverance from alcohol addiction. George is passionate about sharing God’s word with people and loves discipling new believers. He also has an interest in helping people who have had to face life-threatening illnesses like cancer. He has had personal experience of having to face cancer and, after his recovery, the Lord prompted him to seek further training in reaching people having to cope with this challenge. He successfully completed his course in 2016. This experience brings another dimension to George’s pastoral insight, and one valued by many people. George also enjoys practical work, and oversees the garden maintenance work at Straidhavern.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for George in his roles as husband and father. Pray for him as he travels around visiting people and sharing his experiences and encouraging his clients in their faith. Pray for George as he speaks at Stauros meetings from time to time and shares a word with staff members during team meetings.