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Gillian McQuillan Northern Ireland Gillian is originally from Scotland and volunteered with Linda McCredie in the Glasgow area in 2001. She met Tommy at a Stauros conference in Scotland in 2003 and later married in 2005. Tommy would have done a lot of voluntary practical work for Stauros over the years. They have two daughters: Beth and Anna. Tommy, Gillian and family live in Ahoghill, Co Antrim and attend church in Wellington Presbyterian Church outside Ballymena. Gillian works part-time with Stauros and is involved with finance and administration. She is an asset to the team in the work she does.
Prayer Pointers
· Pray for their two girls: Beth and Anna Pray for them as a family to become more involved in the life of their church Pray for Gillian as she works in the Stauros office Pray for Gillian to have opportunities to minister to people in the community
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