© The Stauros Foundation (known as Stauros) is a Scottish Charity, SC014253
John and Peggy Burghauser USA Contact: +1 443 791 1599 Stauros Ministries, USA, centres on John and Peggy Burghauser who live in Baltimore, Maryland. The work developed from the visits carried out over many years by Tom Eakins, an employee and Trustee of Stauros before his retirement. John and Peggy work alongside local churches reaching out to their community with the comfort and compassion of God, pointing people to Christ. Like all Stauros workers, their approach is based on the ministry of Jesus. He spent time with individuals, befriending them and their families in the midst of their struggles and sharing the saving grace and freedom of the Gospel. Part of the ministry John and Peggy has been to help churches raise up disciple makers and mentors within local church congregations. They have two main goals. First, they share what they do and how they do it, and secondly, they offer training courses and workshops. These courses are designed to aid churches “integrate” individuals who need their love and support into their church community. A board consisting of Mike Kisner, John Zeigenfuse, Chris and Marie Spiess, John and Peggy Burghauser, Rock Stemple and Don Riffle governs the work in the USA.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for John and Peggy as they minister into the lives of the volunteers in the fellowship of Stauros. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide them in their connections with churches when they are invited to go and talk and/or train others about their work. Pray for the many people who have addiction problems to whom John and Peggy minister.
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