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Pamela Brown Northern Ireland Contact: 07824 485 434 Pamela is married to Roy and lives at Straidhavern. Pamela was converted from a background of alcohol addiction and volunteered for Stauros for a time before joining the staff team in September 1997. She was the first female member of staff to be employed in Northern Ireland. Pam oversees the Stauros meeting that takes place on alternate Monday evenings in her home at Straidhavern. As a trained counsellor, Pam also works with Christian Guidelines on a regular basis, and this compliments her Stauros ministry. The main focus of her Stauros work is among women, and she has a depth of experience and knowledge that makes her very effective in this field. Her other area of focus is marriage counselling. It is often pointed out that alcohol and drug addiction affect more than the individual who suffers the condition. Family members also suffer, especially spouses and partners, and their children, and Pam often works closely with Roy or other members of staff, dealing first with individuals, and then with couples. Pamela also speaks at women’s meetings, teaching God’s word gently and effectively, reaching into hearts that hurt and lives that are overshadowed by trouble. She is one of the two trainers who deliver the Stauros courses “Tackling Addictions”, “Family Dynamics” and “Relapse prevention.”
Prayer Pointers
Pray for Pamela and her family roles of wife, mother and grandmother. Pray for her counselling work among individuals and with couples, that the Lord will empower and infuse everything she says and does. Pray for her speaking and teaching gifts, that the Lord will develop them as she has opportunities.