© The Stauros Foundation (known as Stauros) is a Scottish Charity, SC014253
Roy Brown Northern Ireland Contact: 07824 485 433 Roy is the General Director of Stauros and he sits on the UK Board of Trustees. He lives with his wife Pamela at Straidhavern and they have two grown up children and three grandchildren. Roy was converted through the work of Stauros as a resident in Ballyards Castle. His value was soon recognized and he worked as a volunteer for some time before joining the staff team in January 2005. His personal and professional development accelerated while he was manager of Ballyards, during which time he successfully completed his training as a counsellor. Roy leads the daily running of the organization and is the staff’s first port of call. Roy’s breadth of experience and depth of understanding give him a perspective and a wisdom that Stauros benefits from on a daily basis. Roy has a significant number of people whom he supports in a pastoral way, travelling from place to place or arranging personal appointments at home. He also preaches at Stauros meetings.
Prayer Pointers
Pray for Roy and Pamela and for his family. Pray for his leadership influence throughout Stauros, that he will grow and develop personally and professionally in a Godly way. Pray for his personal ministry as he speaks at Stauros meetings, staff gatherings and carries on his one-to-one pastoral appointments.