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Building Update

The Building at Straidhavern

We are thrilled to be able to report that Stauros is planning to commence the renovation work to the annexe at our Stauros headquarters at Straidhavern Road; work will begin, God willing, in ‘April 2024’.

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Future Use

Our intention is that we will be using the annexe as part use as a residential dwelling and part use as a centre for counselling and training services related to the Stauros Foundation. We hope to be able to offer one- to–one pastoral care, as well as our training courses. Also, a place for people to get away from their normal daily routines, for a time to prioritise and enjoy some rest, to be restored, refreshed, renewed and recharged.


Our spiritual aim is to have a recovery centre where God’s presence is real and His power to forgive can be experienced. The people we minister to need to know His power to liberate them from the grip of addiction, and to receive His healing in their soul. Our hope is that it will be a place where people with broken lives and relationships can be restored by the grace of God. At all times Gods truths and Biblical principles will be expounded and, when possible, God’s people will be equipped for effective service.



With our vision and plans comes finances. Back in ‘2019’ before the pandemic, the quotes for refurbishment of the annexe were between £91,000 and £110,000. The new quotes are now coming in at between £300,000 and £350.000, as you can see, they have tripled in cost and we have decided to go with the best quote which is £304,800. God in His provision has already provided £170,000, but that leaves a shortfall of £134,800. Our next goal, with God’s help and the generosity of His people is to raise the shortfall to complete the work.  Please pray for God’s provision as we trust Him for the capital expenditure required to complete the project.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of all the developments in this important project, and if you would like to talk with me about it my contact details are found on the contact page.

In the meantime, thank you for your support throughout the years; we are truly grateful to the Lord for all of you whose partnership with us has made God’s work through Stauros possible. We trust you will continue to partner with us as we look to the future, and to following the vision God has embedded within our hearts.

Remember that Gods ultimate provision goes beyond material needs. YES, we believe the completion of the renovations will enhance the ministry of Stauros, but more importantly we belief the completion of the annexe will enhance God’s kingdom. God’s ultimate provision includes salvation, grace, love, and eternal life. As believers, and in Stauros we trust in His faithful care and provision. 

Yours in His service,

Roy Brown

General Director.