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Our UK Board

UK Trustees

Robert Whittet

Robert is married to Audrey and they live in Fenwick just south of Glasgow in Scotland. Robert was the treasurer of The Findlay Memorial Church in Glasgow where Arthur Williams was Pastor. When the ministry of The Stauros Foundation was being formed, Arthur asked Robert would he help and take on the role of treasurer. This Robert agreed to and committed to take on the roll for one year. The year extended and some 40 years later Robert is still helping out in that roll. Robert has always had a heart and a real commitment to the work of Stauros and has always done his part with a willing heart. He was a founder member of the Board of trustees and is always a great encouragement to the staff and worked closely with Arthur over many years. Robert is still a trustee and Stauros is indebted to him for his experience in guiding us through the various changes that have taken place over the years. Robert has a dry Scottish wit which is a blessing to us at board meetings when contemplating change. Robert has been a trustee since 1980.

Rachel Todd

Rachel is married to Graham, they live in Portrush and worship and serve in Ballysally Presbyterian Church in Coleraine. Stauros has always been close to Rachels heart as it is ‘the family business’ in more ways than one. Rachel grew up knowing her Uncle Arthur’s testimony and the transformational impact it had on her dad and the next generations of the Williams family of which she is proud to be one! Ten years ago, Rachel started a journey to become a qualified counsellor (which she achieved in June 2015). and throughout that journey, she had support from Janet McCullough and Pamela Brown, who helped navigate her own insecurities and struggles as well as encourage her to see the purpose that the Lord had for her in this area. In addition, in Rachel’s current role in work as an HR Manager, her passion has always been for people and how to love and be compassionate to all in society, regardless of the home they are brought up in or the circumstances they find themselves in. Therefore, when asked to join the trustees in December 2019, she was delighted to be able to use her skills and heart for Stauros in a more practical way and prays that she can continue to do so for many years to come. For Rachel, the verse from Joshua 24:19 is her mission statement for this journey, ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’

Robert Ginn

Robert has been married to Linda for 35 years, they have two son’s Robert, Peter and daughter-in-law Megan. Robert was not brought up in a Christian family, but had a number of Christian friends who invited him to church. In August of 1979 Robert attended an evening service in a Gospel Hall where he heard once again that God loved him, that evening in his bedroom he repented of his sin and asked Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour.Robert trained as a nurse and has worked in various NHS Trusts. In 2010 Robert was accepted as a Minister in Training in the Elim Movement. In April 2014 he was ordained as an Elim Minister. At present Robert is the Associate Pastor at Larne Elim Church. Robert has always had a heart for people who suffer with addictions. He became involved with Stauros many years ago through his friendship with Roy and Pamela Brown. He has shared at the Stauros meetings held in Ballyards and also the Stauros groups held in people’s homes. Robert feels very privileged to serve as a trustee with the Stauros Foundation since 2019.

Roy Brown

Roy is the General Director of Stauros and he sits on the Isle of Man Board, the USA Board as well as the UK Board of Trustees. Roy was converted through the work of Stauros as a resident in Ballyards Castle. His value was soon recognized and he worked as a volunteer for some time before joining the staff team in January 2005. Roy leads the daily running of the organization and is the staff’s first port of call. Roy has been a trustee since 2014.

UK Board Members

Beth Williams

Beth is the widow of Arthur the founder of Stauros, who went to be with the Lord on Tuesday 21st May 2019. Beth continues to fulfil a vital role within the work of Stauros. Beth continues to pastorally care and minister to our staff as they are involved in the many different areas of their ministry. Prayer is an important principal of Stauros and Beth is a big part of this. Beth has been on the board since 2019.

Pamela Brown

Pamela is married to Roy and lives at Straidhavern. Pamela was converted from a background of alcohol addiction and volunteered for Stauros for some years before joining the staff team in September 1997. Pamela was the first female member of staff to be employed by Stauros. Pamela sits on both the UK board and the Isle of Man Board.

Gillian McQuillan

Gillian is originally from Scotland and volunteered with Linda McCredie in the Glasgow area in 2001. She met Tommy at a Stauros conference in Scotland in 2003 and later married in 2005. Gillian works part-time with Stauros and is involved with finance and administration. She is an asset to the team in the work she does. Gillian has been on the board since 2019.