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Ministries Offered at Straidhavern

We offer a variety of services and opportunities at our facility on Straidhavern Road in Crumlin.

One-to-one Pastoral Care

  • Reaching out to people who have substance abuse and/or addiction problems.
  • Caring for people through one-to-one pastoral appointments.
  • Leading people into a living faith in Jesus Christ
  • Helping people overcome the lifestyle challenges of addiction.
  • Teaching people Biblical truths and principles.

Group Training

Group training for those wanting to learn about pastoral care

  • Unlocking Addictions (Practical introduction for people who would like to help those who struggle with substance dependence issues)
  • Tackling Addictions (Biblical look at God as a pastoral carer and how we can learn from that to help people)

Discipleship Courses

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Christianity Explored
  • Family Dynamics
  • Stauros Recovery in Christ