Ministries Offered in the Community

One-to-one Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the very heart-beat of the ministry of the Stauros Foundation. Our pastoral care staff would visit with the person that they are pastorally caring for in the community on a regular basis and journey with the person for as long as deemed necessary.

Stauros Meetings

Community support groups called Stauros meetings are held in: 

Banbridge on Alternate Thursday evenings at 7:30pm
     Contact Woody Price – 07824485435
Belfast on Alternate Thursday evenings at 7:30pm
      Contact Ricky Wallace – 07714 736 630
Belfast every Tuesday morning at 10:30am
      Contact Kim Cooper – 07971 633 978
Crumlin on Alternate Monday evenings at 7:30pm
      Contact Pamela Brown – 07824485434
Enniskillen every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm
      Contact Brendan Jones – 07798 660 050
Glasgow every Monday evening at 7:30pm
      Contact Linda McCredie – 07824 485 438
England on Alternate Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm
      Contact Paul Murphy – 07824 485 437
Isle of Man every Tuesday at 4pm and every Thursday at 6:30pm
      Contact Gordon Buist – 07624 453 731

On-site Training

Stauros offers pastoral care training to groups wanting to learn more about pastoral care in the community. Please contact us for more information.