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We don’t have a program, but we have an approach…

The journey to freedom is like going from a dark place in your past . . . 

to a brighter place ahead that only God can take you to.

The basic approach of the Stauros Foundation is one-to-one pastoral care. In Stauros there are six practical elements to our pastoral care.

  • First, we emphasize the importance of befriending. The key concept here is establishing a rapport with the person by actively listening, and establishing a “working relationship” that develops mutual respect and trust.
  • Second, we assess the person in two ways. Initially pastoral care may aim at helping the person answer the question, “Do I have a problem with drink or drugs?” Subsequently pastoral care involves establishing an holistic view of the person’s physical, emotional, rational, volitional and moral / spiritual condition.
  • Third, pastoral care also involves helping the person develop his or her own motivation to change.
  • Fourth, we help people make the necessary plans to actually stop drinking or using illicit drugs.
  • Fifth, our approach includes addressing any underlying rational, emotional or behavioural patterns that may underpin continued drinking.
  • Sixth, pastoral care also involves building a Christian lifestyle that maintains change. In this phase relationship issues are explored, especially marital, personal and family relationships